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Despite what you may believe after driving through Detroit on I-75, we enjoy an excellent road system here in the United States. Few of us take the time to think about exactly where those roads came from or how the federal government got into the road building business at all. We just assume that as transportation evolved, so did roads. As you might by now suspect, that’s not exactly the case. It turns out that the government’s interest in decent roadways has more to do with the evolution of the bicycle than it does the growth of the automobile.

The Mountain Pine Beetle is killing trees across North America, including up to 44% of Colorado’s forests. If there was any infrastructure investment to be made right now, I would have thought it would be to set up a pile of cross laminated timber factories fast, and put people to work churning out panels at a standard size and stockpiling them; CLT is strong, fire resistant, it sequesters carbon dioxide and it makes very pretty buildings.

Earthscraper has become the architectural equivalent of a shot heard ’round the world. Since first surfacing this past summer on a handful of major design and tech blogs like,, and, this conceptual design for a 65-story, 82,000-square-foot inverted pyramid underneath Mexico City now commands over a quarter-million stories in diverse publications around the globe.

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Sent wirelessly from my BlackBerry device on the Bell network.